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The Guilty Judges love high-energy rock, indie and pop music and they love big anthem ‘sing-along’ fun happy tunes. With some of the best and most experienced musicians in Ireland they will have the dance-floor rocking in no time.  They play a lot of indie pop and modern chart music, but also do all the old party favorites, rock ‘n’ roll, waltzes, quicksteps, jives, swing, 80's and 90's to keep all ages happy and on the dance floor. 

The Guilty Judges | Wedding Band Ireland
The Guilty Judges | Wedding Band Ireland
The Guilty Judges Band

Thanks for making our wedding day so special and memorable

what can we do for your wedding day?

Ceremony Music



Some background vocals and guitar or piano? We have a few different options to make the moment extra special.

The Guilty Judges DJ Service

DJ Service


 Keep the party going to the early hours. We provide a DJ service! We have professional DJ's to keep yous rocking on the dance floor to all hours. 

The Guilty Judges

Drinks Reception


A few acoustic numbers, some instrumental keyboards or maybe some relaxing tunes from a DJ?

The Guilty Judges Wedding Band Cork

Day After Party


Fancy keeping the party going for another day? Need a band, DJ or a singer stringer to keep the craic going?

Wedding Entertainment

Evening Reception


Get a 4 piece band and the best Dj's to keep the party going to the early hours. Have your first dance played by the band or DJ!

Wedding Band Cork

Pro Sound & Lights

We make sure all our shows look and sound the best. We turn up with all our equipment every time, no matter what type of event. A professional sound engineer is there making sure it’s not too loud or quiet, always just right! Every show is a big show! 




Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the band play for?


We usually play a 2 hour set. We recommend a 1-hour set, 20-minute break, another set 1-hour set, followed by our DJ service. This is just ‘recommendation’ we are always very flexible to your needs, and anything can be customized to your plan.


If things run behind schedule (i.e. the meal and speeches) will the band play later?


Yes, within reason! We know these events don’t always run on time and are happy to work around it, but tell uncle John not to hog the mic too much at the speeches, the band like to know when they are finished work like everyone else working at the event.


Is there a travel fee for venues further afield from the band's location?


Depending on the location, yes a fee could be added. Events further afield may also require accommodation.


If a band member is sick, do the band have an alternative musician/singer to take their position?


Yes. Every member of the band has a backup. We only work with the most professional musicians, so if in the unlikely case someone is sick, quality of performance is 100% guaranteed.


Can we see you play at a showcase beforehand?


Yes! We play very regularly in Cork city centre. Check our website gig guide for all our local events. However, our wedding sets and Bar/Club sets will differ. Our wedding set will be tailor made for the bride and groom, usually including waltzes and oldies.


What time will the band arrive to the venue to set up?


We normally arrive early evening and set up straight after the meal and speeches. Set up times can be organised to suit the running of the event.


What happens during the break between band sets?


We will usually liaise with the venue to ensure that our first set finishes when they plan on serving refreshments. Backing music will be provided at this time. You can choose your own playlist, or leave it up to us.


What will the band wear?


The Guilty Judges were voted the best dressed band in Cork. We fix up and look sharp!


Is my deposit refundable?


No the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits to confirm the band for your date are non-refundable as the band will block off the date of your event in our calendar and no further enquiries for the date will be taken.


When should the final balance be paid and what method of payment is required?


Final balance should be paid before the bands performance on the night of the event. We recommend leaving the payment with hotel reception for the band to collect. The band will not start until the balance has been paid. The lads don't want to be interrupting the party at the end of the night to chase down money. We would prefer if you where on the dance floor having a good time!


Can you get the party moving and create a great atmosphere?


There is a reason we are the resident band in the three biggest live music bars and clubs in Cork city. We also have been the band of choice for most of the university and college graduation parties in the Cork. The Guilty Judges like to party! But the most important thing to get the party started is you, the bride and groom! Bring your dancing shoes and everyone else will too!  


Can you be fresh and modern, but still cater for our families and not alienate anyone?


We try to reach out to everyone at every event. We tailor every set differently, from Waltzes to Justin Bieber!


Can you play our first dance song live?


At some weddings the DJ would normally play the first dance, as nothing is ever going to sound as good as the original. But yes the first dance can be played by the band! We have a list of first dances that you can choose from. Just let us know in good time. The Guilty Judges are always adding up to date songs to their repertoire and are happy to take specific requests where possible.


Can you invite the bridal party on the floor after 30 seconds of our first dance because we don't want too much attention?


Yes of course! Just let us know.


At the end of the night what are the chances of you playing one more song?


The Judges never like the party to end! More like two more!


Any other questions? 


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